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Camden Harbor Custom Guitar’s featured Tele-style electric guitar handcrafted in Camden, Maine from air-dried 179-year-old KIng’s Pine era tonewood for a vintage voice.

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I handcraft each King’s Pine Tele-style electric guitar to a core set of specifications that pay homage to the tonal qualities of the early 50's Esquires, Broadcasters, and Telecasters. While similar in specifications and tone, every build results in an aesthetically unique electric guitar.

It begins with our stock of highly resonant 179-year-old Maine White Pine and it ends with the pro player setup that completes every build at Camden Harbor Custom Guitars. We craft these lightweight Tele-style electric guitars as performance-quality instruments for musicians who desire a truly versatile instrument.


Simple in design, with traditional components and hardware, our King’s Pine can handle the subtle tones of Jazz, the power of Rock, and the twang of the Country classic. Every King’s Pine Tele-style electric guitar delivers with our custom neck finishing process for enhanced playability.